Atmospheric Perspective Simplified

Learn how to paint atmospheric effect. For artists with some experience. If you’re a brand-new painter, I suggest starting with Oil Painting Setup, and then Getting a Great Start before trying this lesson.

Atmospheric effect is what you see when you look into the distance and the hills look purple and the mountains look blue. Or on a very hazy day the trees in the distance fade into the atmosphere. I think it is beautiful when described well with paint.

Recording of the full lesson and demonstration.

Source photo

PDF of the lesson PDF

Homework (optional)

Make one or more small painting(s) with atmospheric effect. This can be a rough color study or a finished painting. The more times you try painting this, the more confident you will be!

Feel free to post questions here, or if you have images you would like to share, post in the Facebook group. If you don’t use Facebook, feel free to email me.

Office Hours 5/20/21 – this is the beginning of a demonstration during casual office hours.

Source photo is from the National Park Services, and designated open for use.