Cows! Dinner with Friends (SOLD) Minnesota and South Dakota landscape cow paintings.


I’ve been working like crazy getting ready for my solo show (Brookings Arts Council, later this month). Here’s one of my new pieces. It’s very atmospheric. I’ve been doing landscapes on gallery-wrapped canvas, and that’s nice to work with. 16×20″, oil. Please let me know what you think.

I’ve got a bunch of new paintings to post (several of which are the biggest paintings I’ve done).

4 thoughts on “Cows! Dinner with Friends (SOLD) Minnesota and South Dakota landscape cow paintings.”

  1. Hey, congrats on the upcoming show. I hope it goes really well! I really like the atmospheric quality of this one, the diners even varying in clarity across the line. You catch the gesture of the cows with such economy!
    I was just saying to another fellow artist who works Very Large that I’d love to get a commission for some big pieces. That would be a whole new set of challenges and rewards, it seems to me. Do you like painting large like this?

    • Thank you Xan!! It really is a challenge. It’s very different from painting small. Just the boring bit of the investment (an unbelievable amount of paint, and the canvas, and how to transport it) is so different. But I’m going to do more large paintings. It’s nice to go back and forth between big and small.

  2. Jessie,
    Much luck with your show, I know you will do well! Your work has always been a favorite of mine, I love the depth created by the subtlety of the trees, and the soft edges of the ground, vs. the sharper edges of the cows, but even they have depth because of the nuances in color and line. Another wonderful job, and would love to see some of your other pieces once the show is over, please post some more when you can! I’m sharing this on Facebook, hope it brings you lots of good publicity!


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