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Welcome to this page dedicated to the contemporary impressionist paintings of artist Jessie Rasche.

This page is where you can find different categories of Jessie Rasche’s american impressionist paintings. You’ll get to see currently available paintings for purchase, as well as those that have been sold and now reside in private and public art collections.

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Here are the categories of Jessie’s impressionist paintings:

Jessie Rasche’s contemporary impressionist paintings of birds, Jessie’s contemporary impressionist paintings of horses, Rasche’s contemporary impressionist paintings of cows, Jessie Rasche’s contemporary impressionist paintings of people, Jessie Rasche’s “Painting South Dakota” landscape painting project, Jessie Rasche’s impressionist paintings of fruit, flowers, and other still life objects, and Jessie Rasche’s contemporary plein air paintings

Jessie works in a distinctive contemporary impressionist style, with a painterly use of brushes and palette knives. All of her paitings are created with professional-artist quality oil, acrylic, or gouache paints on archival supports.

Each painting says in the description whether it is painted on canvas, linen, or gesso panel. Ask the artist a question.