Rhythm of the Prairie

12 x 24″
oil and cold wax on panel
Available at the Center for Western Studies
(605) 274-4007

Artist Statement

I am entranced by the rugged beauty of the South Dakota prairie and the bison who live there. Through layers of translucent paint and rough textural palette knife and squeegee marks, I strive to capture the timeless majesty of these creatures as they roam the landscape with an aura of strength and grace. My paintings blur the boundaries between bison and environment, portraying them not as mere subjects but as integral components of the ever-evolving natural world. Symbolizing resilience and harmony, the bison embody the enduring spirit of the prairie, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound interconnectedness of all living things. I aim to depict the timeless appeal of the land and its creatures, inviting viewers to engage with a world where time is still and nature’s beauty is paramount.