My Wild Heart

In public collection

Description of the work

The prairie grasslands on the edges of farms in South Dakota are so full of color they remind me of the ocean. I wanted to capture the beauty of the shifting colors, and the wildness of the land.

My Wild Heart is an oil painting on mounted, gallery wrapped canvas, using brushes and pallet knives to slowly and deliberately add layers of texture and color.

Artist Statement

I paint in order to capture the unique beauty and feeling of the South Dakota landscape. I want to bring people joy.

Standing at a distance from one of my paintings, viewers experience a realistic and often soothing picture. Walk up close and see exciting, energetic paint marks. My brush strokes are painted slowly and deliberately, but often create the impression of looseness. You will see well defined details as well as broad brush strokes and pallet knife marks, to make a painting interesting to look at for years and years.