Free Drawing Class

Learn the basics of seeing and drawing like an artist, so you can draw what you want!
Thursdays at noon CDT / 10am PST / 1pm EST


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Here’s the first drawing lesson. If you like it, sign up at the button above to get the invitation to the next one.

Downloads & stuff

Duck photo from 9/3/2020


Pelican photo from live painting demo on 5/23/2020 download

Pelican photo from Sketchbook Drawing with Jessie 5/21/2020 download

American Coot photo from Sketchbook Drawing with Jessie 6/4/2020 download

Sketchbook Rules”

Dog eye photo from 8/27/2020




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Sketchbook Drawing with Jessie


Price: Free drawing class

Thursdays @ 12 noon, central time

Learn sketchbook skills from start to end. Use a sketchbook as a quick way to relax and re-focus your mind. You will improve your drawing and painting skills and learn about your personal artistic style along the way.

Come back every Thursday for live drawing and painting lessons using a variety of materials, and inspiration and ideas about what to draw and paint. Ask questions and hear your answers live!


Class Supplies

You do not need any new supplies. You can come with some scratch paper and a yellow pencil! Or hunt through your pencil drawers for a variety of pencils and pens.

If you do want a new sketch book and drawing tools, you can pick up a good sketch book from your local art store, craft store, or super store. Make sure if you want to take it on the trail, it’s easy to carry! I like to have one small drawing sketchbook with a couple hundred pages, which frees me to feel good about experimenting – and a separate sketchbook with thicker paper that I can use for my slow charcoal sketches and watercolor sketches.

You’ll also want a ziplock bag or stiff pencil carrier, a couple pencils and pens, and a good eraser. I love having an assortment of pencils: BH (that’s a #2 pencil in America) as well as a B2 and a B4, and nice charcoal. You can get a little set with an assortment.


I’ll stick to pencils during Thursday classes (for now, at least), but if you will want to add color to your sketchbook on your own, you can get colored fine tip pens / watercolor pencils and a paintbrush and water bottle / or a small portable watercolor set (plus brush and water). For watercolors, splurge on a set for artists if that’s in your budget.

As I mentioned, you don’t need to do shopping for this class. But if you want to, and you don’t have an art store or a store with a nice art section, Utrecht is where I purchase most of my art supplies.


Pencil Drawing Supplies

#2 regular pencil

Nice soft pencils B4, B6

The erasers I use: grey kneaded erasers

A sketchbook