Dinner and a Show

30 x 24 inches
oil on canvas


About this Midwestern Cloudscape Painting

A few weeks ago I went outside as the sun was setting and there was an amazing cloud in the sky, partially lit by the setting sun. I went out and chased the cloud for about half an hour, finding different fields that it was over, and watching as the shapes changed. This particular cow field is about a mile south of where I started. I love the shape of the clouds here, and enjoyed that the lovely cows were just going about their dinner, not noticing the beautiful show above. I also really like all the information you can tell about the sun from looking in the opposite direction.

It’s a pretty special situation for me when I have a spectacular photo that I’m excited to paint, and then a breakthrough in my process as well.


2021 exhibited at California Center for the Arts, Escondido Museum. Jury accepted into the Oil Painters of America Exhibition.