Color Mixing Primer | A Strong Foundation in Color Mixing

A 1-hour lesson
On-demand recording




You’ll see a link after you check out, and in an email from me. 

This is the recording of the live zoom workshop. This recording is included in the Summer Workshop. If you are a current student, you’ll find that on the main workshop page. Contact me with any questions. 

You’ll get access to the recording, as well as the ability to ask color mixing questions through email. 

I’m so excited to share color mixing info with people who want to have a better understanding of color mixing! Color mixing is simplified down to its most basic and useful information. 

I hope this class is helpful. I know it would have saved me a lot of time on my own color mixing journey.

Topics include

  • how to mix lovely colors from a limited number of paints
  • what colors to put on your palette
  • why you get brown when you’re trying to mix purple
  • what is a “colorful grey” and how to mix it?
  • what is a “warm blue” and why is that important?

  • Some important color mixing terminology is explained

  • Two methods for mixing colors are explained

  • And then those two methods for mixing colors are demonstrated

The ideas are helpful for any painting medium, but the demo are in oil paint.