A Good Place to Sit

Oil on linen


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Size: 9 x 12 inches
Your choice of frame color (natural wood, white, black, or gold).
Available directly from the studio.

Oil painting of a boat house floating on the Great Lakes, up in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Oil painting for sale.


Isn’t this joyous?

I went downtown Grand Marais looking for something that brought me joy, to paint. And this little structure on the water grabbed my eye from a couple blocks away. I parked as close as I could and spent the morning painting it. It rotated constantly, so every time it came into the same position I would paint details as fast as I could. And if it came into the same rotation with a different side forward, I’d work on finding the light and shadow colors.

The photos are taken in two different lighting conditions.



Painted at the juried plein air event in Grand Marais, MN in 2022.
Showed in the event exhibit at JHP Art Gallery, Grand Marais, MN, 2022.