Alla Prima Impressionist Painting

Feb 2023 – Jan 2024, 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month.
live on zoom from 10 am – 1 pm Central / Chicago time. recordings will be available

Designed to help you advance in your painting journey all year. Year-long small-group painting workshop with mentorship. Personal instruction. Live paint-together demo and Q&A each month. 

Demonstrations will be in traditional oil paints and/or water mixable oil paints. Artists of any level and material are welcome. Questions welcome. 

“I really love the classes. You’re a great teacher and you make it fun!”

– Hattie


✓ A 3-hour paint-together / paint-along / painting demo each month. Topics covered will be

  • Still Life Paintings Full of Color
  • Simplified Landscapes
  • Animals in the Landscape
  • Paint Texture & Mark Making

Watch the recordings any time, or join the zoom live on the second Friday of each month from 10 am – 1 pm Central / Chicago time.

“I am amazed at how organized you are, and admire your ability to break things down into baby steps that are easy understand—you are an awesome teacher!”

– Candy 

✓ A 2-hour Q&A each month. Bring questions, request technique demos, etc.

Watch the recordings any time, or join the zoom live on the fourth Friday of each month from 10 am – 1 pm Central / Chicago time.


“I can’t tell you how excited I am to find you and finally make a decision to paint again. I have been in my oil paint four days in a row.  Saturday was so fun. I loved painting with a limited palette. That was an eye opener. […]  I do believe with some guidance I can achieve what my mind envisions. Sincerely, “

– Anne Marie

✓ Anytime access to previously recorded lessons on foundational painting topics:

  • Oil Painting Techniques
  • Composition
  • Seeing Color and Value Accurately
  • Value Choices
  • Color Themes & Color Choices
  • Atmospheric Effect
  • Painterly Brush Strokes

✓ Ask painting questions and get a video or email answer.

✓ Get feedback on your paintings.

✓ Get discounted access to any other workshops available through this web site in 2023


“I so enjoyed your class, Jessie!  Always nice to think of art in different ways or to be reminded of things we had forgotten.”

– Barbara

Suggested Supply List – CHOOSE ONE LIST

Supply List for Water Mixable Oil Paints

Supply List for Traditional Oil Paints

Hi Jessie,

I really enjoyed your class, and the way you present things. 

Thanks for a thoughtful and engaging class, and a deep dive into color schemes!

~Elizabeth Franklin


“Really enjoying your class.  Thanks for doing it!”  

– Elaine


Contact me with any questions.