Frolic on Greener Grass

40 x 40 inches
oil on canvas
ready to hang unframed


Only 1 left in stock

Driving on the highway, after a long stretch of open road, we came across a herd of cows crossing over the highway to graze in the ditch on the other side. We pulled over to wait, and while we were there I took photos of the cows. The one with her head up seemed like she was scouting for the group. This was the first – and only – time I’ve seen cows looking mischivious. Pretty soon a cowboy came along and shoed them all back to their pasture in a very practiced way…








“Frolic on Greener Grass”, was selected as part of the jury’s favorite 15% of the entries in the October 2019, very competitive national BoldBrush Painting competition.




I am blown away by this painting and we will treasure it forever. Thank you so very much for this. -Teah (Wisconsin)

Just a quick note to say the painting arrived safely – definitely the best packing job I have ever seen.  The painting is fabulous, even better than expected.  Thanks so much for sending it off so quickly and safely.  Cheers! Kathleen





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CWS 5/21
showed in Infinite Landscape and Spirit of Prairie Life solo exhibitions

2/22 show at Hopkins Center for the Arts

sub 3/22 sd art for state bldg