Artwork “In Situ” in homes, hospitals, art centers and galleries

If you would like to see how a painting will live in your home, email or call me to set up a time for an in-home viewing if you’re close to Brookings, SD. If you’re further away, you can still shop with confidence knowing artwork comes with a Love It Guarantee.   

Above: Collector photos (thank you!), Sun Valley, ID


The Spirit of Prairie Life – traveling exhibition

Photo thanks to Caitlin Pollitt at NSU

Showed first at Johnson Fine Art Center Art Gallery, NSU, Aberdeen, SD
Nov 2019 – Jan 2020 

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“I viewed your beautiful show several times since it opened, and was really taken with your conception, approach, and technique. … Thank you again for adding so much to our season.” Dr. Kenneth Boulton, Dean, NSU School of Fine Arts

“Thank you for being so much fun to work with, I’m so glad your work is in the JFAC Gallery where it is connecting with people. What I really enjoyed about your opening is watching people light up with recognition when looking at your paintings. Then they felt comfortable enough to tell their personal stories!” 

Alexis Doerr, JFAC Gallery Directory and Lecturer of Art, School of Fine Arts

I have loved everything about showing The Spirit of Prairie Life at the JFAC Gallery. Everyone I encountered at NSU was welcoming. Alexis Doerr, the Gallery Director, kept me informed from planning to art reception, and made the exhibit shine. Professor Kilian invited me to talk with his painting class. We toured the exhibit and talked for some time about different aspects of being a professional artist. They were very bright and engaged, and it was a pleasure talking with the class.

At the reception visitors seemed very positive about the exhibit, and a few people at the reception volunteered childhood memories that the artwork brought to mind for them. My goal with sharing my artwork is to help viewers feel a connection, and so it was very gratifying to hear that that was happening for some visitors.



The series “The Spirit of Prairie Life” celebrates the abundance of life on the prairie. It focuses on the connection our animals have with each other and with the land. Emotional connection is the focus of my artwork because I believe personal relationships and connections to the life around us make life fulfilling.

I hope viewers of this exhibit feel a nostalgic connection to the prairie and the animals we share it with, as they are surrounded by the calming influence of resting and grazing animals and the movement of native birds.

The exhibition consists of 29 paintings of the Midwestern prairie lands. All of these paintings have strong brush and pallet knife marks, expressing a love of the materials and process as well as of the subject matter.




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Paintings in place in public collections, at home in private collections, and in galleries.

Sanford Memorial Garden
Sanford USD Medical Center, Sioux Falls, SD
Installed June 25th, 2018

“Hospital patients, their families, and visitors find their way to the Memorial Garden for a time of respite from the hectic pace of health care.  The Memorial Garden offers a quiet, garden-style space for reflection and prayer.  It is open 24/7 – folks are welcome to visit the Garden any time of day or night.

“Jessie is beautifully capturing the vision for this project: four seasons of rural South Dakota/SW Minnesota landscape.  We hope those who enjoy Jessie’s paintings will experience:

  • A home away from home and find comfort in that
  • Peace
  • Being “drawn into” the art and being part of the sceneConnection

“Jessie’s art will be the reflective focal point of this space.  We are grateful for her work!”

Rev. Cindy Hoy, MA, MDiv, BCC
Director, Spiritual Care
Sanford USD Medical Center

Sanford Hospital has given me the opportunity to fulfil my dream of using my talents to comfort people and to have a real, positive impact on people’s lives.  This has given me immense personal fulfilment. Having the Sanford Memorial Garden project in my portfolio has also been a great boon to my career because of the great size and scope and visibility of the project, and the financial support of my livelihood has been so helpful in my career. I cannot thank Sanford enough.

Paintings at Home in Private Collections

Photo courtesy of Julie Gerberding. Three original Rasche paintings in place in a lovely home office.

Portraits by Rasche of a great East Coast family, collected over many years.


Ann Nordquist (Bonner Springs, KS) is a great collector with several of my paintings. Thank you so much, Ann, for sending this photo! Your home is beautiful, and I love how Brookings fits into it. 

Home, 48 x 60″. This painting was at home in my home until it went to Art Resources Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. 

Reaching, before it shipped to it’s forever home with Kansas collector Ann. 

Paintings in Galleries

Holiday one-day invitational exhibit at the South Dakota Art Museum.

Brookings Arts Council 42nd Annual Open Art Exhibition

Breakfast in a Spring Thaw.

2017 image of my work at Art Resources Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. 

Photos from my part of a 4 person exhibition in Spokane, Washington. 

Photos from a 2 woman show at Sioux Falls, SD library.