Art Classes Online

My online classes are created with as much care and attention as my in-person classes.


In addition to classes, I have live demos for you!

Live Demos (free)

THINGS FOR JOY AND DISTRACTION – Join me for the next live demo. It’s free and fun distraction and entertainment for you during this time at home. You can ask questions in the comments and hear your answers, live! Your suggestions about future topics are welcome.

During this challenging time indoors, I wanted to offer something to help people feel relaxed and soothed. Since people enjoy my IRL painting demonstrations and classes, I am hoping that bringing those online will offer a little light in your day. 😀 With that in mind I will be streaming live several times every week for the duration of the quarantine / inside time. Sub & click the bell to join me for painting, drawing, and for art talk. Get a view of studio life, see paintings come to life, and see important works. Your suggestions and questions are welcome.