Live Demo (free)

THINGS FOR JOY AND DISTRACTION – Join me for the next live demo. It’s free and fun distraction and entertainment for you during this time at home. You can ask questions in the comments and hear your answers, live! Your suggestions about future topics are welcome.

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During this challenging time indoors, I wanted to offer something to help people feel relaxed and soothed. Since people enjoy my IRL painting demonstrations and classes, I am hoping that bringing those online will offer a little light in your day. 😀 With that in mind I will be streaming live several times every week for the duration of the quarantine / inside time. Sub & click the bell to join me for painting, drawing, and for art talk. Get a view of studio life, see paintings come to life, and see important works. Your suggestions and questions are welcome.


Painting Classes

News about an online class will be available in the next couple weeks! Feel free to give your input about what you would like to learn and the price range you’d be comfortable with. If you’d like to be notified and get the early bird pricing, join the wait list:


Individual Painting Lessons

Individual lessons are limited to the first few students, and are available online for $35/hour.  The free initial consultation is a 15-20 minute phone call, and it helps both of us prepare the right material for the lesson. Because of the current quarantining of the world, my art classes and workshops are moving online! I hope this is a fun and convenient option for you.


Utrecht is where I purchase most of my art supplies. Most of my paints are Utrecht professional quality oil paints (and their acrylic paints for my acrylic work). They are medium/high quality, affordable, and ship quickly. Buying through THIS LINK to Utrecht Art Supply gives a little profit back to this site. Thanks!

On my pallet:

  • Utrecht Artists’ Oil Paint – Titanium White
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Cadmium-Free Red Medium
  • Cadmium-Free Yellow Medium
  • Phthalo Blue Green Shade
  • Ultramarine Blue

Other paints that I like having:

  • Yellow Ochre
  • Cerulean Blue (Hue or Pure)
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Ivory Black (for tiny dabs, not for mixing)

Other supplies:

A couple different shapes of pallet knives

A pallet. I personally use recycled small window from the Habitat For Humanity store, or a glass rectangle from a cheap frame placed on top of something sturdy so it doesn’t crack, with the edges taped for safety.

For acrylic painting I use a stay-wet pallet with a lid and a sponge and it keeps paint wet for weeks or longer.

And paint brushes that I really like are the Silver Grande Prix in a variety of sizes from Jerry’s Artarama.


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