analogous color themes

This color theme uses only colors close to each other on the color wheel. This color theme has built-in color harmony and mood and tends to create soothing / good feeling artwork.

Note – there may be photos here that don’t look to you like good source material for an analogous painting. Trust your own judgement! Some of these I would only use as a loose reference for an analogous painting… More on that when we meet!

Bright and/or muted colors can be used for different effects. Even within these limited color ranges, there are a huge number of options.

You’re welcome to use these photos, or source photos / source material of your own. I’m not a photographer – these are just photos I’ve taken that I thought would be nice to paint from. Feel free to email me with questions.

Warm (photos with all / mostly or predominately reds, oranges, and/or yellows)

Could be warm or cool (or neither)

Cool (photos with all /mostly or predominately violets, blues, and/or greens)

This one’s a stretch: