Aha, in art and elsewhere. South Dakota, portrait painting.

Click HERE to see and learn about South Dakota Portrait Artist’s Jessie Rasche’s portrait paintings.

Click HERE to see and learn about horse and dog pet portraits.

Have you had an “aha” period of time where you felt like your personal style was becoming evident? Like in your horse riding method, or the way you write or do your accounting or care for your patients?

Recently I’m having that feeling. Especially with the landscape paintings from yesterday’s post… It feels really good. It’s subtle, though. I feel like something I’ve been searching for, or trying to put my finger on for a long time about what I want to say, has become evident to me.


The answer to the riddle (What artwork makes your home happy) is “artwork that you love.” If you can come back to a painting 6 times and it brings you joy every time, it will bring happiness into your home. As with any relationship, some people bond instantly, and some gradually. But for most people it takes 6 visits with a painting to know if you love it. Just listen to your heart.


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