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The special baby bonding moments and the moments of joy between moms and young children are powerful, wonderful, and fleeting. My mission is to capture this time in a beautiful portrait painting that will brighten your home and bring you joy on an ongoing basis.



Rasche Art Studio is in Brooking, SD. I serve the region of East-Central South Dakota and West-Central Minnesota, as well as Minneapolis. For other locations, contact me for a quote.


Why I Paint Mom and Baby Portraits

I have made art for as long as I can remember. I went to art school straight out of high school. As a traditional artist, I painted anything that caught my eye and was not tied to subject matter. My goal as a young painter was to find the intrigue or beauty in anything.


When my son was born, my way of looking at life changed, and so my artistic goals changed. 

Our local hospital had a mom and baby group with a couple dozen other moms who had babies the same month. Each mom was having a completely different experience. We each bonded at different rates. We had different struggles and joys.


But all of us were full of new emotions and a sense of a precious and fleeting experience.

I was so lucky, grateful, and blessed to have 6 months to just stay home and bond. That time was amazing. And over in a blink.

By the time my vacation was used up and I went back to work at Microsoft, I wanted desperately to use my artistic skills to do something meaningful in the world – and to spend my time with my son. With the support of my husband, I made the leap shortly after returning to work to being a full-time artist and mom.


I became passionate about using my painting skills to capture and memorialize that early time of love and bonding. 

I became passionate about reminding collectors of that wonderful time in a way that would bring joy to their daily lives.

I started painting commissioned portraits of moms and babies across the country.

I want my collectors to enjoy living with their paintings both because they are beautiful, and because they are reminders of something lovely.


Since taking this leap into full-time portrait painting, I have been featured in a number of publications, on local TV, and have received awards.

But most importantly, all of my collectors have reported back that they love their paintings. And when collectors write to me years later telling me that their paintings remain significant in their lives, that is wonderful.


Request more information about commissioned portraits.

Professional Memberships

I am a member of the South Dakota Artists Alliance,  the Institute of Equine Artists, former member of the American Impressionist Society and the Oil Painters of America


Public Art

South Dakota public collection in Pierre, SD

Edith Sanford Breast Health Center, Sioux Falls, SD

Memorial Garden, Sanford Medical Center, Sioux Falls, SD


Awards and Publications

Thank you so much South Dakota Arts Council for a 2016-17 Art Grant for my Portraiture!


KDLT in Sioux Falls, SD, Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, gift guide.

KSFY Holiday Gift Guide, November 3, 2017.

My paintings are referenced at about 4:30 in.

  • South Dakota Magazine, September 2018
  • The Hood Magazine, November 2017
  • South Dakota and National Endowment for the Arts Grant for Career Development, 2016-2017
  • Cover story (page 1 & 2) of the Brookings Register, April 2016
  • South Dakota Magazine articles
  • 1st Place, Brookings Arts Council 2013
  • Figure 50, chosen to represent the state of South Dakota, September 2013
  • Brookings artist featured at BAC, Brookings Register, July 23, 2014
  • Behind the Paint, Article about a 4 woman show I was in at CHASE Gallery
  • Interested in Impact, a full-page story about my Featured Artist show at Second Space Gallery

“[Jessie Rasche’s] impressionist paintings display motherhood, artistry and nature.” – Annie Szotkowski, The Inlander, May 16, 2012

“[Jessie’s] style is representational and impressionistic and her subjects range from landscapes to figurative to still-life. She likes to illustrate an image or emotion with patterns and gestures, many brush strokes that add up to a finished piece. When you step close to one of her paintings, you can see deliberate strokes of color, and when you step back, the colors blend and become whole, encompassing a viewer with a moment of beauty.” – Jennifer Larue, The Spokesman-Review, March 25, 2010

Selected Exhibitions

2016-2018        The South Dakota Governor’s Seventh Biennial Exhibition

Show will travel to

  • Dahl Art Center in Rapid City, SD
  • South Dakota Art Museum in Brookings, SD
  • John A. Day Gallery at the U of SD in Vermillion, SD
  • Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences in Sioux Falls, SD

2013 – Present – Paintings available at South Dakota Art Museum Gift Shop, Brookings, SD and SouthWind Gallery, Topeka, KS

July – August 2014 – Solo Show, Brookings Arts Council, 524 – 4th St, Brookings, SD

Dec. 2013 – Jan. 2014 – Invitational Exhibition, Southwind Art Gallery, Topeka, KS

Sept. – Oct. 2013 – Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibition,
Southwind Art Gallery, Topeka, KS

May – July 2012 – CHASE Gallery, Spokane, WA

December 2011 – Randy Higbee Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA

August 2011 & February 2011– Tinman Art Gallery, Spokane, WA

September 2010 – Little SpokaneRiver Artists Studio Tour

August 2010 – Second Space Gallery, Spokane, WA

March 2010 – Featured Artist, Second Space Gallery, Spokane, WA

February 2010 – Spokane Visual Arts Tour, Spokane, WA

Sept. 2009, Feb. 2008, Sept. & Dec. 2007– Invited to Exhibit, Edmonds Art Walk, Edmonds, WA

Self Portrait. This is my first mom and baby painting.


Inhale. One of my first mom and baby bonding paintings for another mom.

“[Jessie Rasche’s] impressionist paintings display motherhood, artistry and nature.” – Annie Szotkowski, The Inlander, 2012

Julia and Emily. This is a recent portrait for this lovely family. I love how sometimes when a baby looks at mom, nothing else exists.


Comfort. One of my first baby paintings for another mom. I painted several commissioned breastfeeding paintings. It was a really fun experience, and a lot of that was because I felt like it was sort of taboo and was scared to post the paintings on my blog – but when I did I got an overwhelmingly happy response from moms who were reminded of their own wonderful breastfeeding moments.

Collectors have reported back that years after they first received their painting, their children still joyfully point themselves out, and that parents are still filled with joy when they see their painting.

Yellow Flower. This is one of my earlier large portraits. This portrait was a gift from dad to mom, and you can feel his presence in the painting.


The Story She Told. This is a recent mom and daughter portrait. Their cuddle is apparent in the casual way they are snuggled in.


Piggyback Ride. Self-portrait of my son and me, doing something we did every day that year.


Pink Love. An early mom and baby portrait.



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