Studio Update and Brookings Painting Progress

I’m working on a big painting of a structure in Brookings, SD that I really enjoy looking at and have wanted to paint since we moved here. Do you know what this is? It looks like it stores grain and feeds it onto the trains, but I’m just guessing.

Also, I’m still working on getting my studio the way I want it. Here is a photo of a small part of the South side of the room (click to zoom). BTW, these are all available paintings.


8 thoughts on “Studio Update and Brookings Painting Progress”

  1. That is exactly what I think it is too. As a kid growing up in Montana there was one just like that. There were a lot of wheat farms in N. Montana and the wheat grains would be stored in the large tanks to load on the trains to be transported. I had a relative who worked for the railroad as an engineer of one of the trains.

  2. It is a Grain Silo My brother use to work at one of these in Fargo, North Dakota and he had to clean them it was a Sunflower Seed Silo. Lots of Story behind this he use to tell me.
    Your so Talented……..


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