2021 Arts Grant

South Dakota Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts

I plan to use this grant to go from being a Brookings area artist to a South Dakota artist!

8/25/21 – Here are some more of the source photos from the Custer trip. The first large painting is under way… We named this guy Bob. He was having such a good time scratching on that tiny tree… It’s wonderful how such a huge animal can be so cute and joyous.

8/10/21 – We just got back yesterday from visiting Custer State Park. This photo is of a buffalo ranch outside the park. I love the tall trees and mountains behind.

Custer, SD, 8/2021 © Jessie Rasche.


6/28/2021 – I just received the acceptance letter! I’m excited and very nervous. I’m going to start making a schedule and plans as soon as I finish up what I’m working on.

“On behalf of the South Dakota Arts Council staff and board members, I am pleased to inform you that your Artist Career Development proposal has been awarded”

Thank you South Dakota Arts Council!!!

3/1/2020 – My proposal is submitted, and they sent a confirmation of receipt.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide between two ideas, and finally decided on one that scares me but I think would push my art and my career foreward the most: Painting and getting source photos all around the state. I’ve wanted to be a confident plein air painter for about a decade, and I’ve also wanted for years to paint the landscape and wildlife of other parts of the state, but traveling specifically for my art has seemed extravagant.

Fingers crossed!