How to Order a Portrait

Call or email to start the process.

Each portrait is unique, and is made to fit the needs of the collector. Starting the process with a phone call or email ensures that you will love your portrait when it’s complete, and that I get your portrait on my schedule right away.

Jessie Rasche – – (605) 695-5815


Oil Portrait Painting Sizes and Prices

People generally choose a size based on what they would like to see captured, budget, and the location where the painting will live.

If you want to talk through this choice, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to bring over paintings of different sizes so you can see how they feel in your home. I want you to have the best painting for you. A painting that you’ll love forever. 


24×30” – This large size is great when the painting will be placed in a large room, entry, or focal space. $4500.

16×20” – This medium / large size is great for both intimate and large rooms. $2000.

11×14″ – This small / medium size is great for intimate environments as well as medium sized rooms.  $600.

8×8″ – This is a small painting for intimate environments.  $300. 

Portrait charcoal drawings and paint sketches – starting at $150. 


Prices are for portraits with one figure, or two figures if one is a baby or pet. Additional figures are an additional charge. Travel (outside the Brookings / Sioux Falls area), framing and shipping are not included in the price. Custom sizes and payment plans are available.

If you have questions, or are ready to get your portrait painting started, call (605-695-5815) or email me to get started.


Corporate Portrait Prices

Paintings for a corporate environment are generally more time consuming. Prices reflect the additional time required.

Medium Corporate Portraits: $2500 – 5000

Large Corporate Portraits:
$5000 – 8000

Custom sizes and payment plans are available.

Corporate pricing includes framing and shipping / delivery within the US and Canada. Price does not include travel outside the area (if necessary). Tax will be charged for non-exempt collectors if delivered within South Dakota.


Love it Guarantee

I hope you will love your painting, and that it will bring you joy for decades to come.

I put my heart and sole into all of my paintings, and so far, all of my collectors have reported that they love their paintings when they are complete. If, however, you are not happy with your portrait painting, let me know and we can talk about whether or not some changes to the painting would make you love it. I’ll either make changes or refund all except the initial deposit that covers my expenses of beginning your portrait. I want each collector to love their painting, and will do what I can to make sure that happens!

Just call or email – (605) 695-5815 if you have any questions.

Thank you,