Craftsman Style Decor: Organic Looking Art

Looking for craftsman style decor? These paintings are made for you.

This is my kitchen, shown with Yin and Yang. Usually there’s a lot more stuff on the counters, but that doesn’t photograph well. 🙂

Our house has a lot of natural oak trim in the craftsman style. Although our realtor said it’s actually a “fancy farmhouse”, when I’ve had the opportunity to renovate, I’ve gone with craftsman inspired choices. I wanted some craftsman inspired choices for my walls as well. I’m an award winning landscape artist, but for this project I wanted something different. So I’ve been working on a line of paintings specifically designed to look beautiful in homes like mine.

Rather than the traditional near or mid view landscape painting, these paintings are extremely distant. They’re based on NASA photos of Earth from space.

This line of paintings have natural colors and designs, which helps them go beautifully in craftsman style home. But they obviously have a modern twist.

Bring your craftsman style design together with art.

You have a craftsman home, or love craftsman style. So you are using the colors of nature that surrounds your home. If you’re close to the ocean, you may have deep ocean blues and greens in your home.

On the other hand, if you live close to the forest, or in pine tree country, your home may be full of deep reds and greens.

Or maybe you live inland, surrounded by earthy clay and grass colors and wide open skies.

You may even be using the colors of another place in your home. Maybe you live in the Midwest, and you’re bringing in colors of the coast.

If you have a vision of a part of nature, your home can bring that to you.

You put care into creating a home that reflects nature. The artwork in your home can reflect that as well.

Tell me about the colors of your home, and the part of nature that you’re inspired by for your interior design, and I’ll create a painting specifically for you. My nature inspired abstract paintings compliment craftsman style decor, because I bring the same love of nature to these paintings that you bring to all your home design choices.

For my craftsman inspired paintings, I use colors inspired by nature. Deep earthy greens and reds, blues and cream colors. These paintings are intended to compliment natural woods and homes that reflect nature. The textures and shapes in these paintings reflect nature as well. They give a feeling of oceans and earth. Of something enormous and microscopic. Click the images to see the wonderful textures.

Prices range from $500-10,000, depending on size.  I know you’ll love your new painting. I have a 100% happy collector track record with several hundred collectors, as well as a “Love it Guarantee.” You’ll see samples before I begin, and will have the opportunity to approve your painting before it ships, and to tell me if you love it after it’s received.

Can I be of assistance? Contact me and I’ll create a painting that is just right for your home.