10 May

Art inspired spaces by Jessie Rasche

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Sea Birds, 30×40″, oil on canvas, available, $2000 retail. 

This is the painting that hangs by the entry to my studio. It has a lovely glow to the water. Just let me know if you’d like to see more  (better) pictures of it. I love painting birds, and especially painting flocks of birds together. There seems to be a connection between humans and birds. I have future someday plans for painting geese and also those wonderful midwestern lake pelicans.

In the studio

I have over 50 paintings in my studio. Many of them, like the Sea Birds shown first, are not on my web site. Would you find it useful for me to put together a little video tour of available paintings just for designers?

art inspired spacesHope, 48×60″, oil on canvas, available, $4800 retail.

I do have many paintings listed on my web site. When you find a painting that would be just right for a project, call or email me instead of using the checkout on the web site. That way you’ll get your 30% designer discount.

Space inspired art – art inspired spaces

Before I took the plunge to become a full time artist 9 years ago, I worked as a tech artist (medical illustration and info/tech animation). I’m finally putting some tech skills to work and offering composite pictures for designers and collectors. Below is a composite of a room and a painting idea. art inspired spaces At the beginning of the year I started trying to replicate the colors and textures of photos of Earth from space. After months of many failures, last month it started coming together and now I’m getting wonderful results. I’m really excited about the possibilities of using these techniques to create art for specific spaces, as well as art inspired spaces.Splash, 24×24, acrylic on wood panel. $500 retail.  This on has a textural surface, and looks great in a craftsman style house because it compliments the natural wood colors.

Flame, 12×16″, sold. This painting was created specifically for a collector who loves terra cotta and teal, but wanted the painting to work with her grey walls and mid-century modern home style.

I am still painting representational paintings, and keeping the two lines of paintings separate on my web site so I don’t confuse collectors. But personally, working both abstractly on a project I’m obsessed with, and representationally on paintings that I am passionate about… The two ways of thinking inform and compliment each other and each improves the other.


art inspired spaces
As you probably know, I’ve been painting parent and baby portraits for about 9 years now. One of my early collectors was a lovely family in Maine who commissioned the portrait on the far left. About a year later the mom came back and commissioned me to paint the portrait in the middle as a birthday gift for her husband. And then this spring the dad came back and commissioned me to paint the portrait on the far right of the mom with their baby daughter in the same beach spot as the original portrait. I love working with this family. And they had such wonderful things to say about each of their portraits.

portrait paintings
Here’s a close up of the most recent portrait (the one on the right).


Thank you for your interest in my artwork. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.